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Essentials of Storytelling

Online Training Course for Individuals

by Ibrahim El Badawi


Have you ever thought that some Apple customers did not wait in long queues in front of its stores for hours and days to get a new iPhone? While we don't see such queues in front of stores that sell other great phones from companies like Samsung and Huawei?

Have you ever wondered why we might enjoy watching an entire season of our favorite series on Netflix, but struggle to focus in an hour-long business meeting?

Why are some leaders and officials distinguished and not others the ability to inspire and motivate people to do what they desire?

The secret can be in the storytelling! It is the subject of this training program for the first time in Arabic after I have been presenting it for several years in Australia, the United Kingdom and other countries.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

1- Understand the importance of storytelling in our lives

2- Learn about the origin of storytelling in human nature

3- Define the concept of storytelling

4- Understand the scientific explanation for the power of storytelling

5- Give practical examples of using storytelling in organizations

6- Analysis of the stages of the general model of storytelling

7- Mention practical methods of storytelling that can be applied immediately in corporate and personal communication

A previous storytelling session for lecturer in Australia

Target Audiance

This workshop is open for participation from all sectors, governemnt and non-government. In particular, you shoul join this workhsop if you work in the fields of:
- Leadership and exectutive
- Communicaiton and public relations
- Community engagement and outreach
- Strategy and excellence
- Innovation
- Entrepreneurs and business owners
And anyone who is interested in the topic.

Registration and Attendance Details


Online via Zoom


Course Certificate

All participants who commit to attending and submitting projects will receive a Certificate of Storytelling Practitioner issued by the Government of 01 - Australia.


Training material

The training material and knowledge resources in Arabic as well as the full video recording of the training program will be provided after the lecture on the Government 01 platform.


- Early bird discounted fee (before September 2nd): AED 950 (25% discount)
- Registration fees after September 2nd:  AED 1,350 AED
- 30% Special discount for 01Gov Subscribers (annual all-inclusive package), provided in your account.

Teaching hours

10 learning hours including 8 hours of lectures and 2 hours of homework and assignments.


The course consists of two days, and will be delivered live on the following dates:
- Saturday 10 September 2022
- and Saturday 17 September 2022


From 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Mecca time on each day.

Ibrahim El Badawi

Ibrahim is a professional storyteller who has been coaching & training executives and businesses in the domain of storytelling since 2017.

He lives and work between Sydney & Dubai, and his storytelling activities around the world included:
- City of Sydney Council (Australia).
- University of Technology Sydney (Australia).
- Apolitical (UK)
- Digital Government Authority (Saudi Arabia)
- Gone Bush Adventures (Australia).
- Startups at Fishburners (Australia)


Ibrahim’s lecture on storytelling for entrepreneurs was very insightful and I'd recommend it to anyone!
Georgia Marshall
Fishburners, Australia.
Ibrahim is extremely knowledgeable, fun, and engaging. If your organisation is looking to work on its narrative, I would highly recommend him.
Lucía Bautista
University of Technology Sydney, Australia.
We loved it!
It helped me understand the power of the storytelling on our audience.
Fatma Abdalla
Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, UAE.
A beautiful and engaging workshop.
Khaled Mohamed
Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, UAE.