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“And in today, already walks tomorrow” -  Samuel Taylor Coleridge

We back our digital platforms with a rich range of professional services and capacity building programs. The aim is to work with leaders and public servants to transform our slogan "future now" into public services and policies that belong to the digital age. 

And after years of working with organisations across many countries, we  have developed the following set of principles to guide the design and delivery of our services and learning programs:


We follow these guidelines while offering a range of services and learning programs including:

Data & AI

Capacity building and advisory services to help our clients boost their data & AI maturity while establishing the building blocks for data driven organisations. We design strategies, policies, reference manuals in addition to offering a wide range of training programs. In addition, we offer digital solutions for open data portals and smart cities in collaboration with our partner OpenDataSoft.

Emerging Technologies

Our flagship program “Innovation Studio” enables the leaders and public servants to develop a deep understanding of the machine learning, VR/AR, IoT and other emerging digital technologies that form the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Hackathons, Challenges and Awards

We design, and facilitate hackathons that bring organisations and societies together to tackle key challenges that face them. This can be virtually or in the room. In addition, we design and run GovTech awards.

Virtual Events

Since the early days of Covid, we have been helping organisations run virtual conferences, forums, webinars and other types of events. We excel by offering a mix of references, technologies and professional experiences.

Knowledge Production

From specialized reports in AI powered public services, to short video stories in citizen engagement to guide documents in hybrid work, we offer our research and production capabilities to enable our clients create and share knowledge.

Capacity Building

Since 2013, we have been running online and in person training programs in a wide range of topics from storytelling to blockchain. Our programs are tailored leaders & executives as well as front line public servants. Our international partnership enables us to continuously maintain the diversity and richness of our programs.

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